What Should I Consider when Buying Executive Gifts for Christmas?

What in the world do you buy for the boss who has everything, or for the eternally serious co-worker for Christmas? What types of Christmas gifts should you choose for special clients? Selecting executive gifts for Christmas doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. There are even shops and online stores that specialize in executive gifts, with many even offering suggestions.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing executive gifts is the general demeanor of the recipient. A lighthearted person will appreciate a gift that matches his or her personality. A portable putting green game for the office or a desktop game might make perfect executive gifts. Executive gifts for casual colleagues might include a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or a printed invitation to lunch. The same is true for a client with a down-to-earth personality. Your assistant may also appreciation such a gesture.

For out of town administrators or clients, you might choose from executive gifts that can be prepared locally and delivered, such as fruit baskets or plants. While many types of flowers may be a bit over the top when it comes to executive gifts, a poinsettia for the office is a thoughtful idea, adding some holiday cheer to the atmosphere.

You may want to order custom executive gifts online and have them gift wrapped and shipped directly to the recipient. Many retailers will include a card with a personal message. You can find a great selection of monogrammed daily planners, business card holders, engraved paperweights, and high-end pen sets. Also, look for crystal clocks for the desktop, perpetual calendars, and other handy accessories. It doesn’t hurt to get creative when it comes to executive gifts. Have a custom holiday card created with your company logo or a client’s logo incorporated into it or have other gifts embossed with a logo. Many gift retailers offer this service and it is an especially nice idea for the owner of a new business.

If you need to purchase a large number of executive gifts, for example, if you want to send the same item to each of your clients or subordinates, ask for volume discounts. If the items need to be shipped from the retailer to many different addresses, you will generally have to pay additional shipping charges, but you may still get a discounted rate on the items. If your executive gifts are shipped to the same address, perhaps your office, you may be able to take advantage of substantial savings.

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