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image, a product comparison shopping engine and shopping research site since 2004, is a one-stop-shop for shoppers looking for great product search, relevant results, good product information, multiple product views, shopping news, ‘no surprise’ pricing, local results and social shopping aspects like the ability to save products you like for later review. features thousands of merchants who offer millions of products. They also power other shopping services such as the recently announced launch of’s new shopping section.

Become is also sporting a new look and appears to have a new logo, my guess is it won’t be long until they also leap more into the social aspects of shopping and product comparisons. They are already featuring top users, recommendation lists and consumer reviews on the front page and individual product pages. Some of the social features and UGC on Become include reviews, buying guides, discussion forums, search suggestions and other product information or details.

We are working to provide comprehensive, relevant, and unbiased research information to help you choose the right product. We also provide a comparison shopping service to help you get the best deal. Finding the right product at the best price to save you time and money –that is our goal. We are meeting this goal by developing innovative new technologies and search services. Blog – Pocket Change:

  • Official blog…

Looks like the blog posting has been light as of late (according to a post on it now), but I expect they will refocus their attention back to it again soon. They are probably trying to get their new theme and features in place and as we all know, those tasks alone could take up all of your time. So, cut them a break on the blog and try to review it later, once they have picked up the posting schedule again. Help Section:

Become also features a short but sweet help section to introduce shoppers (or merchants) to their seperate pages and how to get the most out of each of them. Become features three main types of results pages; research results, multiple product results (comparisons) and single product results.

Follow the bullet links for help with each…

  • Product, Merchant or Brand Research Results Research Results

  • Comparison Shopping Results – Multiple Products Multiple Comparison Results

  • Comparison Shopping Results – Single Product Single Comparison Results

Jon Glick Answers 10 Questions About

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many merchants are included within Interview Icon 5,000

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many products are included within Interview Icon 25 million

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many individuals currently work on support and coding teams? Interview Icon 30

eCopt Interview Icon What other places across the Internet, if any, are merchants and products included? Interview Icon Become has numerous syndication partners including and BillMeLater.

eCopt Interview Icon What, in your opinion, are the highlight features offers it’s users? Interview Icon Become offers the best integration of comparison shopping, product-focused web search (5.6 billion pages!), and user generated content. Our goal is to give users the most complete product information source so that they can make the best buying decisions.

eCopt Interview Icon What, in your opinion are the highlight features offers merchants? Interview Icon Become offers merchants both CPC bidding and reporting at the SKU level, and every account has an assigned Account Manager to help them when needed. Become’s research features mean that merchants receive exceptionally-qualified traffic, since users have done their research and are further along the buying cycle.

eCopt Interview Icon Are new features being added and updated often? How often would you say? Interview Icon New features are being added every few weeks. This past year (’07) has included: user reviews, social shopping, gift/wish list creation, optional ROI tracking, free logo display for merchants, FastFeed (sub-1hr. updates for merchant feeds), sort-by-color, expanded attribute filters…..the list goes on.

eCopt Interview Icon How does plan to stay competitive with sites like Amazon and eBay marketplaces? Interview Icon Become offers a unique combination of information that goes beyond just price comparison; everything from web search, and shopping community to local store availability. Become is also innovating at a much faster rate than some of these more established sites. Amazon Marketplace is actually one of our partners (we count them as 1 of our 5,000 merchants), and eBay focuses on a different set of goods and user transactions. We see both of these companies as more partners than competitors and this market has proven its ability to support multiple shopping experiences that serve users and merchants in different ways.

eCopt Interview Icon Where do you see in the next 3-5 years? Interview Icon Become grew 300% from ’06 to ’07 and is profitable. We see strong growth continuing, with IPO potential in the next several years.

eCopt Interview Icon What Online product marketplaces, other than, do you personally use to shop from? Interview Icon I don’t really need any site but Become….heck, with 25MM products… Seriously though, I use eBay for that hard-to-find used stuff. I also am a big fan of Amazon, but use to see their listings alongside lots of other merchants.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts:

The love the fact that I get to review all of these CSE’s and, in a way, get to compare product comparison engines (if that makes sense). It always intrigues me to see what features and tools each one uses to separate themselves from the rest and the different business models of each of the CSE’s. is a great place to shop and find information about the products you want to buy. I discovered some new things about Become and reviewed some of the old stuff too, but certainly learned a lot I didn’t know. I can’t wait to see them bring it all together and hope it isn’t long before they make the rest of their site flow with the new color scheme and logo. If you haven’t used Become before, you should give it a whirl next time you shop or perform product research, you won’t be disappointed. My favorite feature is their ‘no surprise’ pricing, with shipping, tax and any other fees listed before you even make a buying decision.

To Jon: Thanks so much for the participation Jon. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing your shopping portal and getting to know a little bit more about I think you and your team are doing a great job and can’t wait to see what’s next for you in the comparison shopping space. Let me know about my speculation about the new logo and theme? I am wondering if it is going to stick around or not? Hopefully so, it’s really nice looking so far. Keep the social and user orientated features coming, shoppers love them. Please feel free to drop us a line anytime you are announcing new features or need help spreading the word about news! Thanks again for the thoughtful answers to my interview questions.

To our readers: We have many more of these CSE interviews planned for the near future. Many are already in the works, so check back regularly as we post them every few days/weeks. As i have stated before on past interview, you can subscribe to our articles Web feed or enter your email address to get updates sent to you. Hope you enjoyed this interview with Jon Glick of

Note From eCopt Note From eCopt: I received an update from Jon regarding my additional questions about social shopping features and their new look...

This launch gave us the opportunity to add social aspects in addition to our comparison shopping and product-focused web search. We plan on expanding all of these in the coming year (so lots more social features are on the way).’s focus is on shopping, so the social features are ones that help people to have more fun and shop more effectively; we’re not looking to be a social network for the sake of being a social network al la MySpace/Facebook. The new logo is in keeping with the shopping focus. When we developed the “gold ring” logo we were more of a search technology company. Our business has evolved, so we figured it was time to update the logo accordingly.

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