Jasper Malcolmson Talks About Yahoo Shopping’s Ecommerce

image Yahoo! Shopping, a comparison shopping engine powered by Yahoo!, acts as a destination marketplace for thousands of merchants and millions of products. The shopping interface features easy to use price, brand, item type and other refinement features designed to help shoppers find the items they desire in a quick and efficient way. The merchant tools help sellers list, manage and track their products or items within the shopping portal. Shoppers can buy directly from merchants once they have found what it is they were shopping for.

User Generated Content & Reviews:

Yahoo! also makes use of product ratings and merchant reviews so consumers can stay informed about the items they hope to buy and stores they are thinking about making purchases from. This has been a major trend lately as more eTailers make use of user generated content and eCommerce product reviews.

Yahoo! Shopping Help, New Features & FAQ’s:

In addition to a state of the art interface, unique tools for shoppers or merchants and the ability to read reviews, Yahoo! Shopping has an extensive help and documentation section that covers topics including new features, merchant ratings, info on how to make purchases, security and even information on their Yahoo! Shopping Store program.

Yahoo! Shopping Buyer Protection Program:

Yahoo! Shopping features a buyer protection program that provides additional measures of safety and security in the event that a fraudulent transaction has taken place. All merchants and advertisers are allowed to participate in the program, but must earn and maintain a minimum 3 star average merchant rating. The buyer protection program covers participating merchants for purchases of up to $1000, as long as they do not violate the terms of service. For more information on Yahoo! Shopping’s Buyer Protection Program visit their help section on Buyer Protection.

Jasper Malcolmson Answers 10 Questions About Yahoo! Shopping:

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many merchants are included within Yahoo! Shopping?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon Currently, Yahoo! Shopping features product listings from more than 70,000 merchants. The Yahoo! Shopping platform makes it possible for merchants of all sizes, from independent store operators to large retailers, to engage in the site.

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many products are included within Yahoo! Shopping?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon We typically have about 70 million products listed on Yahoo! Shopping. During the holiday season we expect this number to approach nearly 90 million products.

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many individuals currently work on the Yahoo! Shopping support and coding teams?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon We don’t publicly break out individual business unit staffing numbers.

eCopt Interview Icon What other places across the Internet, if any, are merchants and products included?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon Through Yahoo! Shopping’s open API, our product listings can also be found on several Yahoo! network partner sites, including Yahoo! Tech, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! TV and Yahoo! Games. Additionally, Consumer Reports uses Yahoo! Shopping to power their “ShopOnline” experience.

eCopt Interview Icon What, in your opinion, are the highlight features Yahoo! Shopping offers it’s users?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon Yahoo! Shopping provides online shoppers with a host of unique features to inform them throughout their shopping experience.

Through Yahoo! Shopping’s social commerce tools, shoppers can find, use and share product information, as well as search for other shoppers’ recommendations. Yahoo! Shopping created the Shoposphere, a place where users can sort merchandise into thematic lists of favorite products called Pick Lists, and discuss why they are must or must-not haves in a blog-like fashion. In addition, to complement existing user reviews of merchants and products, consumers can use Yahoo! Answers within Yahoo! Shopping to tap other online shoppers and their experiences.

A bargain hunter’s paradise, Yahoo! Shopping’s Sales & Bargains Center is jam packed with the best deals from around the Internet, including coupons, free shipping offers, rebates and sales. These deals are aggregated so that shoppers can find them in one place, without having to visit multiple stores or Websites. Consumers can search the Sales & Bargains Center by merchant, type of product or item popularity to quickly find what they are looking for, as well as search coupons by merchants to find bargains from their favorite brand or retailer.

The Capital One Saving Zone – an exclusive portal at Yahoo! Shopping – offers deals on select merchandise to Capital One cardholders. At the Saving Zone, Capital One cardholders will receive up to a 40 percent savings on already discounted items, as well as an additional 10 percent off everything they purchase with their Capital One credit card.

Finally, as a comparison shopping engine, Yahoo! Shopping offers comprehensive comparison grids and product pages to consumers to they can make the most informed shopping decisions. Consumers can compare the same or similar products across merchants, including user ratings, features, and price. The comparison grid also allows consumers to enter ZIP code information to pre-calculate estimated tax and shipping.

eCopt Interview Icon What, in your opinion are the highlight features Yahoo! Shopping offers merchants?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon Yahoo! Shopping offers merchants many features to enable set up and maintenance of their online stores. One stand-out feature is the ease with which Yahoo! Shopping allows merchants to establish a presence on Yahoo! Shopping. Within a few minutes, sellers can enroll, design and open their online store. This includes shopping cart designs that can match the merchants own site design and features that easily allow product adds.

Yahoo! Shopping also offers convenient tracking tools so merchants can view statistics, sales, activity and more around their products online letting them make more meaningful business choices. Across the board, merchants who use Yahoo! Shopping are offered many choices on how to tailor their online store to best suit their business needs. For example, Yahoo! Shopping offers a tiered selection of cost options for opening up your online store – merchants can choose the price and package that makes sense for them. As business expands, merchants can integrate additional applications from Yahoo! Shopping, such as coupon features and gift certificates to highlight various promotions or draw attention to their offerings.

Finally, because merchants are expanding their business to sell around the clock, Yahoo! Shopping offers support 24/7, on every topic from store setup consultation to technical support to accessible guides and tutorials for business managers.

eCopt Interview Icon Are new features being added and updated often? How often would you say?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon We can’t comment on any specific future enhancements, but we are constantly evaluating feedback from users and merchants in order to bring the most innovative features to the marketplace.

eCopt Interview Icon How does Yahoo! Shopping plan to stay competitive with sites like Amazon and eBay marketplaces?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon Amazon and eBay are partners of Yahoo! Shopping, and both sites’ listings actively appear on our site.

eCopt Interview Icon Where do you see Yahoo! Shopping in the next 3-5 years?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon While we can’t comment on specific future initiatives, over the next 3-5 years we will continue to invest in bringing more social shopping features to the site. Yahoo! Shopping pioneered the idea of social commerce online when we launched the Shoposphere in 2005, and we are going to continue to bring innovative technology and features to our users and merchant partners.

eCopt Interview Icon What Online product marketplaces, other than Yahoo! Shopping, do you personally use to shop from?

Yahoo Shopping Interview Icon The great thing about comparison shopping engines is that the user doesn’t have to visit multiple sites to try and find the product they want at the best price. Yahoo! Shopping does all of the work, and compares products and merchants side-by-side so that the shopper is able to “look” at products from across the Web on one page.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts:

It’s fantastic to get participation in these types of interviews from BIG names like Yahoo! Shopping. I wasn’t aware they had so many merchants participating in their program and it surprised me to see the outrageous amount of products offered through the portal. Another thing I didn’t know was that eBay and Amazon help feed the Yahoo! Shopping portal, which is good for all three companies, in my opinion (I just love those kinds of strategic partnerships). Yahoo will remain a big name in comparison shopping from what I can see. They had me worried there for a moment when it appeared like they were starting move away from services like their shopping portal and onto services like delicious, flickr, answers and more.

To Jasper: I have been really surprised on how eager most CSE’s and product portals have been to get their answers back and posted. It’s great to see companies getting the word out about their products through newer channels such as blogs, rather than relying solely on press release syndication. To me, it’s a more personal experience to have an interviewee address a certain reader group rather than a demographic as a whole. I really appreciate you taking time to give us accurate, informative, valuable answers related to Yahoo! Shopping. Let the team know how much we like what you have done and we are excited to see what you have in store for the future! Best of luck in the comparison shopping space.

To our readers: I have been really surprised on how eager most CSE’s and product portals have been to get their answers back and posted. We have many more interviews like this planned and in the works, so check back often as we have been posting them every few days. As always, you can subscribe to our articles Web feed or enter an email address to get updates sent to you. Hope you enjoyed this interview everyone.

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