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image is an eBay company as of August 2005 and is considered to be one of the original pioneers of comparison shopping and online product search. Since launching, has grown beyond expectations and continues to remain among the fastest growing, most visited eCommerce shopping engines available today. offers services for both consumers and merchants including powerful search tools, technology and unbiased reviews for millions of products, thousands of brands and several top online and brick-and-mortar retailers. has expanded their operations globally and are now able to offer their innovative shopping services and tools in several different languages and countries worldwide including the U.K., Germany, France, Australia, Ireland and more to come.’s mission is to help consumers anywhere use the power of information to easily find, compare and buy anything online – in less time and for the best price!’s What’s In Store Blog: Blog

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The What’s In Store Blog is the place for all things Merchants and consumers will find information and insights related to online shopping, buying and review trends, merchant seller tips, favorite staff product picks or finds and even information from industry professionals, experts and other blog contributors. Be sure to drop by the official blog, there’s sure to be something there for everyone whether you’re a merchant or shopper.’s WorkShop:

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I thought this was an interesting concept and something I hadn’t really seen offered by a comparison shopping engine. It’s called the WorkShop. Basically, it’s a special section on their website where features some of their innovative projects, new shopping tools or technology and new site features that they wish to test and receive feedback about.

The WorkShop is pretty bare right now so don’t expect much today, but I for one will be keeping the link in a handy place so that I can revisit it on occasion and provide feedback if I have any.

Linda Snow, Marketing Director, Answers 10 Questions About

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many merchants are included within Interview Icon 5,000 active U.S. merchants.

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many products are included within Interview Icon More than 16,000 brands, 340 categories and includes 65% of the Internet’s top 100 retailers.

eCopt Interview Icon Roughly how many individuals currently work on support and coding teams? Interview Icon We do not disclose the number of employees at

eCopt Interview Icon What other places across the Internet, if any, are merchants and products included? Interview Icon By using’s powerful API program, which allows third-party access to our highly structured and comprehensive product catalog, powers the shopping experience for hundreds of Web sites including, DigitalAdvisor,, and Ziff Davis’ Other partners include MySimon, ProductWiki, Reseller Ratings and

Our API users can customize and reconfigure the catalog and search tools as needed, tailoring them to their preference and extending the reach of the platform.

eCopt Interview Icon What, in your opinion, are the highlight features offers it’s users? Interview Icon We aim for a site that is designed for ease of use and simple navigation. We’ve constructed our site with special features including the What’s Hot, Shop by Brand and Top 5 sections. Additionally, we launched a gift cards page during the 2007 holiday season; within the category, users can easily sort and shop for cards from a variety of vendors – all in one place. All of these features make it easy for consumers to shop for great deals.

eCopt Interview Icon What, in your opinion are the highlight features offers merchants? Interview Icon In’s recent eCommerce Pulse Index survey, we found that 45 percent of our merchants are adjusting their sales and/or marketing strategy because of the stagnant economy. Our most recent offerings for merchants are designed to help them generate additional revenue on and increase conversion to sale. This includes an innovative Value Based Pricing model, which automatically adjusts the charges per click to merchants based on the publisher’s overall traffic performance. Also, Product Performance Reporting helps merchants quickly and easily identify important sales data to optimize and improve their product feeds and overall campaign. Additionally, a key part of the experience is the Distributed Commerce API that allows merchants to recreate a comparison shopping experience on their own site to monetize more traffic and improve buyer experience.

eCopt Interview Icon Are new features being added and updated often? How often would you say? Interview Icon We constantly solicit feedback from our merchants to determine what changes need to be made in order to maintain the best experience on

eCopt Interview Icon How does plan to stay competitive with sites like Amazon and eBay marketplaces? Interview Icon is an eBay company under the marketplaces umbrella. The synergies between eBay and provide consumers with unique shopping experiences as well as provide a mechanism by which merchants can reach their target audiences. Regarding search engines, our Distributed Commerce model provides flexibility to how merchants reach their customers.

eCopt Interview Icon Where do you see in the next 3-5 years? Interview Icon Our focus has always been and will continue to be delivering the best shopping experience.

eCopt Interview Icon What Online product marketplaces, other than, do you personally use to shop from? Interview Icon Actually, with the thousands of merchants and brands on I always find what I am looking for.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts:

To Linda: This is fantastic Linda. I greatly appreciate the time you took from your busy schedule to take part in our little QandA about I have always liked your company’s vision and CSE service, so it’s great to finally have caught up with you all. By the looks of things you’ve been busy, I love the concept of the WorkShop beta testing and feedback section, that’s very creative and helps to engage your users/merchants which is always great in my opinion, so bravo to you and your team for that idea. I also like the fact that you conduct surveys regularly so that you are always able to improve your service and meet the expectations and demand of your users, that is really important these days. Thanks again for being available and for offering such quality answers to our CSE questions, I look forward to seeing your continued growth within the industry, keep up the good work.

To our readers: I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading our most recent comparison shopping engine (CSE) QandA with Linda Snow from As always we have several more interviews out there and in the works for the future, so check back regularly or grab our feed or email updates and we’ll send the good stuff to you directly. You may also wish to read back in our archives at some of the ecommerce interviews that have already been published.

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