C2C mobile money transfers were added to Wells Fargo m-banking services

image  Wells Fargo announced the addition of a new customer-to-customer money transfer service to is mobile banking offering. Customers can avail themselves of the service by logging on to Wells Fargo online banking. There they can add the account number of the person they want to send money to – up to $1000 a day – and make a first-time transfer.

Customers can make subsequent transfers from their mobile devices by going to Wf.com and following provided instructions. They can also use the option from their PCs.

Arah Erickson, head, retail mobile banking, Wells Fargo, says: "The added ability to transfer funds while on the go will be especially helpful for parents who have kids in college this fall as well as for students who need quick access to money at the last-minute to cover living costs, textbooks, or to split an expense with a roommate."


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