Cazenove and JPMorgan are to reach an agreement on joint venture’s share price

image As it became known from the Independent on Sunday newspaper, senior management at Cazenove and JPMorgan are to reach an agreement, concerning a price for Cazenove’s share of their J. P. Morgan Cazenove joint venture by the end of the year. The joint venture was created in 2005. And in compliance with the terms of the deal there are options for JPMorgan to buy or Cazenove to sell its interest in the joint venture in February 2010.However, both companies intend to get a deal agreed earlier than the February deadline, according to sources close to Cazenove.The other sources claim both parties had continuing negotiations relating the future shareholding of their joint venture. Cazenove’s chairman, David Mayhew, and CEO Naguib Kheraj were holding dialogue with senior JPMorgan executives. So the companies’ plans are to be uncovered as early as next month.


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