Customers will get SMS notifications for every use of their Visa card

image As it became known Wednesday, Visa Europe is piloting a mobile phone-based notification service. The service notifies customers, sending customers a text message every time their card is being in use.

Thus, card holders are to get an update with the time, location and amount of each transaction to their phones. Customers can also opt for e-mail alerts or download an application to smartphones.

This new service will let cardholders carry out control of payments and provide peace of mind that is a Visa’s move to allow people in future to customize the format and content, enabling users to instantly convert transactions into the their home currency while abroad, making it easier to keep on top of budgets.

Now, Visa is currently testing the real-time notification service with its employees in the UK and is "working closely" with member banks in order to make the technology available to clients.


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