Malaysians can pay taxes online through Maybank

image Malaysia’s Maybank has partnered with the country’s Inland Revenue to add an online income tax payment service to its enterprise cash management portal. The bank says it wants 1000 of the 12,000 users of its cash management portal to pay their income tax online within a year, completing around one million transactions.

Maybank also says that the new service is aligned with government efforts to promote greater use of IT and electronic transactions.

The cash management portal can already be used for enterprise bill payments, dividend issuance, loans and corporate cards repayments, EPF and Socso payments, inter and intra bank transactions, cheque outsourcing and account enquiry.

"This new online income tax payment service is Maybank’s ongoing commitment to provide value-added services to our customers giving immense benefits to corporations in terms of time savings, improved efficiency and productivity by automating critical areas of their business or human capital activities," said Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid, president and CEO, Maybank.

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