American Express clarifies advantages of Charged Cards during recession times

American Express American Express has launched a new integrated marketing campaign that "brings to life the benefits of the American Express Charge Card under the theme “Don’t Take Chances, Take Charge.” Apart from newspapers coverage the campaign also includes television, magazine, radio and online advertising, which will roll out in the weeks to come. The campaign, which is a part of an ongoing effort to educate consumers about the Charge Card, explains why it is a smart way to pay, particularly during these difficult economic times when consumers are looking to spend less, save more and get the most value for their money.

Consumers are encouraged by the campaign to think carefully about how they pay for their purchases and to take a closer look at the cards in their wallet. The campaign uses images of every day objects with happy or sad “faces,” including a wallet, a washing machine, a jacket and a handbag, to illustrate how the Charge Card can help customers protect themselves and their purchases, and raises doubt about other forms of payment a consumer might use.

The marketing campaign launches this week with print advertisements in national newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today. On September 2, print advertisements will run in major regional newspapers, including Boston Globe, New York Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and the Chicago Tribune. Television advertising will begin to air on major broadcast and cable stations such as CBS, FOX, NBC, TNT, A&E and the Discovery Channel breaking during the U.S. Open on September 5. The digital element of the campaign will include an interactive social media component.

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