Barclaycard introduced new account servicing system for UK customers

Barclaycard As it became known, Barclaycard has launched mybarclaycard, a new online account servicing system that will make it simpler for customers to monitor and manage their account.

In addition to fundamental changes to the design of the site, the new service will give customers more control over their accounts by allowing them to choose how they view their account information and spending. Besides, it will give customers the ability, simply and at a time of their choice, to request a balance transfer, query or dispute a transaction and manage their credit limit.

Throughout the development of mybarclaycard, over 20,000 Barclaycard customers were invited to preview the site and their feedback was used to ensure the system has everything our customers need.

"Mybarclaycard is set to be the UK’s leading online account servicing website. It will make our customers’ lives a little easier by providing them with the control to track and manage their spending with Barclaycard," said Amen Sajed, Chief Executive Barclaycard UK.

Using mybarclaycard, which has a complete new look and has been designed for ease of usage, customers can:

  • Use a simpler, yet secure, log-in process
  • Select how they want to see their information displayed on the screen
  • See their spending by category – helping them keep track of their spending and manage a budget – customers can also view their spending on each category over time to see how their spending patterns change. Customers can even move expenditure from one category to another depending, for example, if they see their gym membership as Leisure, Health or Entertainment
  • Get greater detail on each item including how the purchase was made
  • Filter and search all transactions to help trace and confirm spending
  • Set up a Direct Debit, request a replacement card, request a new credit limit and transfer a balance using mybarclaycard

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