China Union Pay enables Oberthur to provide plastic cards in China

image Wednesday, Oberthur Technologies Shenzhen manufacturing site, the global electronic transaction standard, outlining interaction between smart cards and merchant terminals to ensure worldwide inter-operability, announced successful completing of China Union Pay certification.

The completion of CUP certification makes Oberthur Technologies to become the first major smart card vendor in China to be certified for all 4 schemes for magnetic stripe, contact and dual interface cards.

Oberthur Shenzhen is already supplying with several hundred million SIM cards globally for the Telecom industry. From now it will be also promoting magnetic stripe and EMV cards to banking customers in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region

Oberthur Technologies has already been certified by Visa, MasterCard and Amex as a response to the steady growth of the EMV market in Asia. It’s currently is increasing the scope of its operations with this successful certification payment scheme standard.

CUP certification gives Oberthur Technologies an ability to operate closer to its customers and strengthen its position in this key part of the world.

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