Citi makes presents to young subscribers for its credit cards in UAE

image On purpose to bring more young customers in United Arab Emirates to its base of clients Citi has launched the program of incentives for those who apply for its credit cards. The company is setting up special kiosks in Virgin stores where customers can apply for credit cards using touchscreen computers.

When a customer subscribes for the Citibank Lifestyle credit card at the branded kiosks will receive hampers containing goods from the retailer. Besides, cardholders will also be provided with a 10% discount on all non-electronic purchases at the stores. Other perks include discounted concert tickets and free access to golf courses.

William Keliehor, head, card division, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, Citi, says: "This product focuses on providing instant discounts and benefits to ‘live life’ in a bigger more personal way today."

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