DataCash announces its new fuel cards service starting in September

image DataCash unveiled its plans to present a new fuel cards service in September 2009, targeting to widen the range of its Cardholder Present payment services.

The new service will supply oil companies and forecourt operators with rapid on-line authorization response times along with greater control and management of the acceptance of fuel cards for payment for both indoor and outdoor EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale).

Fleet managers will also get advantages from having access to extensive DataCash web-reporting tools. Cardholders will also be provided with speedier service and shorter queues.

Last year, DataCash implemented the fuel cards service reinforces the strategic investment the company made in ACK that has been providing EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) applications for integration into EPoS within the fuel industry for many years. That let DataCash provide currently a complete end to end payment solution for the fuel retailing and bunkering industry.

One more benefit forecourts and oil companies can obtain is that end of day reconciliations can be simplified using an extensive reporting system, that is available in real time, online, or downloadable for inclusion into back office systems. Moreover, high levels of control and savings over current methods, which are often labour intensive, are also offered.

DataCash has been already supplying customers with payment services covering credit and debit cards, recurring payment, direct debits, PayPal, overseas payments (such as ELV’s in Germany) and several more.

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