Dynamic Card Solutions announced a partnership with Ontario-based and provider PIN solution in Canadian payment card market

image Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), the leading provider of instant issuance and PIN selection solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers that issue magnetic stripe, EMV and contactless cards, today announced a partnership with Ontario-based Threshold Financial Technologies Inc. (Threshold) to offer financial institutions a comprehensive EMV PIN change and card issuance solution using DCS’ patented CardWizard® software.

Threshold provides payment processing, fully managed ATM and card issuing solutions to over 65 financial institutions throughout Canada. The partnership between Threshold and DCS means Threshold’s card issuing clients can transition from magnetic stripe cards to Chip and PIN cards, offering their cardholders convenient in-branch PIN selection, PIN change and instantly personalized chip cards. This is the first major in-branch EMV card issuance and PIN management initiative of its kind in Canada, potentially reaching several hundred branch locations.

In the Chip and PIN system, the cardholder cannot use a card if they do not know the PIN. Threshold’s issuers can avoid this dilemma by enabling their cardholders to select or change the PIN when the card is first issued or anytime thereafter by simply visiting a branch location. Additional benefits include the ability to immediately replace lost or stolen cards on the spot. DCS’ CardWizard software can fully personalize cards, program the chip, encode the magnetic stripe, and print or emboss cardholder details in real time, and can optionally activate the card for immediate usage. In-branch card issuing and PIN management eliminates the cost, risk and delay associated with the traditional PIN mailer and card delivery methods. CardWizard® complies with issuing guidelines from numerous card brands including Interac®, VISA® and MasterCard®.

“Our clients rely on us to deliver innovative cardholder services as we guide them through the EMV migration process,” said Matthew McIver, President of Threshold. “The DCS partnership is strategically important as it enables our clients to quickly and cost-effectively deploy in-branch EMV card issuance and PIN change systems at a fraction of the cost if they were implementing them on a standalone basis. With Threshold investing in the centralized infrastructure, we can provide our clients with a high quality, affordable managed service.” 
“Threshold is very impressed with DCS’ CardWizard software,” added McIver. “DCS has an incredibly comprehensive solution, and a wealth of experience in implementing EMV card issuance and PIN management solutions throughout the world.”

“We are honored that Threshold has selected DCS’ CardWizard as their EMV PIN change and instant issuance solution of choice,” said Spencer Clark, Managing Director, International Markets for DCS. “As EMV migration comes to fruition in Canada and around the world, we remain committed to leading the market with innovative PIN management and card issuance solutions.”

DCS’ CardWizard is a modular software application used by hundreds of banks, credit unions and retailers to instantly issue Visa and MasterCard products in thousands of locations worldwide. The software and EMV infrastructure are installed in the issuer’s central computer room, allowing high security and centralized control. Card printing or embossing machines are distributed at the remote issuance locations along with PIN selection and/or PIN change terminals. CardWizard instant issue software supports the full array of card types from virtually all manufacturers, as well as contactless and magnetic stripe card personalization. CardWizard® can be configured to accommodate the goals and objectives of any card issuance environment.

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