GreenBank implements DCS`CardWizard to instantly issue MasterCard debit cards

image The instant card issuance and PIN selection provider for financial institutions Dynamic Card Solutions declared that GreenBank has implemented DCS’ patented CardWizard software and FCP 20/20 flat card printers to instantly issue unembossed MasterCard debit cards at the branch level. New customers who open a checking account, as well as existing customers who need a replacement debit card, can simply walk into the branch and receive an unembossed personalized debit MasterCard in a matter of minutes. The cards are PINed, printed and presented to the customer at the time of their visit and can be immediately used when they leave the branch.

The Tennessee-based GreenBank offers a variety of images that cardholders can personally select for their card background including special local ‘Smokey Mountain’ images. Once the background is selected, DCS’ CardWizard software transfers all personalization data to the FCP 20/20 where the highly personalized unembossed card is securely and immediately printed in brilliant, high-definition color onto both sides of white blank card stock and presented to the cardholder at the time of their visit.

The bank began working with DCS in 2008, implementing a three-branch instant issue pilot in Greeneville, Maryville and Athens, TN. The three-branch pilot program was a success, resulting in a significant 20-% increase in their debit card activation/usage rates. They have since rolled out unembossed instant issuance to 38 of their 66 branches across the state. GreenBank is now seeing an activation/usage rate of roughly 80 %, which is derived from customers that have received an instantly issued debit card and have used it at least once.

Bill Adams, chief information officer for GreenBank, said: "Our activation/usage rates and customer service levels have never been better. And, we feel that the ability to instantly issue unembossed, personalized debit cards is a great differentiator that provides a service to consumers that is both innovative and convenient. Instant issuance is a great value-add and we plan on expanding the program in the future to include more branches."

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