MasterCard announces new managers to European prepaid unit

image MasterCard announces new managers to European prepaid unit

MasterCard Europe reported that it appointed two new managers to its European prepaid team in a move to help further growth of the company’s prepaid business in the UK and Europe. Phil Davies is appointed to the Product Management team for Prepaid Europe and v will take the position of Business Leader, Prepaid Sales for MasterCard Europe.

The duties of Mr. Davies will include the continued development of MasterCard Europe’s prepaid product portfolio to meet changes in demand from key industry stakeholders, including consumers, corporates and government and public sector agencies. Mr. Davies joined MasterCard in 2002 as Business Development Director and has been responsible for developing European client relationships across MasterCard’s credit, debit and prepaid product lines.

Mrs. Dudley-Hodson will be responsible for providing support to issuing retail and commercial banks interested in prepaid products and will be working closely with the Prepaid Product Management team. She has a significant experience in retail card services, loyalty and prepaid. Previously she worked with Alliance & Leicester, Tuxedo, First Data and ID Data.


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