Metavante enables Danversbank to award debit cardholders with bonuses

image As it became known, Metavante has declared that Danversbank has deployed its expanded rewards and loyalty product to offer Danversbank’s clients a blended rewards program that combines issuer- and merchant-funded rewards.

"Through its deployment of Points2U Plus, Danversbank now awards cardholders with bonus points for debit card-based transactions made at participating retailers — this is in addition to the points a cardholder already earns by using their Dansverbank-issued debit card. The bank is also leveraging Points2U Plus to award double points for card use during seasonal promotions, as well as to reward cardholders with additional loyalty points for the use of other Danversbank services."

The bank’s cardholders can login through the Points2U Web site to view and redeem their points from a Danversbank-branded redemption page, or contact the Points2U call center. Cardholders have several redemption options, including gift cards, merchandise, travel and downloadable items. Retail recruitment, analytics and customer experience is powered by Affinity Solutions, a leader in merchant-funded rewards programs. Affinity Solutions continually recruits relevant national, regional and local retailers with in-store and online offers across a variety of categories, specifically for participation in the Metavante program.

Points2U Plus, which is available through a wide range of account access channel deployment and customization options, can support an overarching “relationship rewards” program across multiple product lines, and features a branded points redemption Web site that’s easily identified with the financial institution offering the rewards.

Frank D`Angelo, group president, Metavante Payment Solution, said: “Financial institutions increasingly look to payments revenue to maintain market leadership. As rising card activation rates and transaction volumes grow in importance, so too does the ability of a rewards program to attract, retain and improve the loyalty of cardholders. Points2U Plus makes this competitive tactic available to financial institutions of all sizes, including those without an existing Metavante relationship.”

Moreover, the bank uses a number of products and services powered by Metavante technology, including: risk and compliance, exclusive participation in the NYCE Network for ATM and POS, and a variety of electronic funds transfer solutions including ATM driving, card processing and card personalization.

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