New program launched to show how credit card companies defraud customers

Americas Watchdog's Americas Watchdog’s Corporate Whistleblower Center Monday, announced the launch of an initiative focused on banks and credit card companies, that double, triple, or even quadruple a credit card holders balance, after a non-payment, or after the bank, or credit card company turns the account over to collection. Firstly, this initiative is to be focused on California low income, or minority victims, and will then expand into a national campaign.

As the Corporate Whistleblower Center’s representatives said, these credit card companies and banks are thieves. First they hand out the credit card to anyone, regardless of their credit, or income, they charge 30%, and if the consumer misses payments, the card holders balance, doubles, triples, or quadruples.

So most likely to become victims of credit card predatory collection practices on the part of a banks, or credit card companies collection agencies in California are:

  1. Minorities
  2. Low income families
  3. Senior citizens
  4. Individuals who never expected to be unemployed, but now are.

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