Perfect Plastic and INSIDE Contactless launch new full-face foil PVC cards

Perfect Plastic Perfect Plastic Printing, a manufacturer of plastic cards, announced the introduction of full-face foil PVC card certified by Visa Inc. for contactless payment transactions. According to the official statement the new contactless card allow issuers to provide contactless payment cards with the same high aesthetic appeal of foil as their traditional cards, and opens the door for contactless technology to a significant portion of the overall market. Perfect Plastic’s new product is based on MicroPass® 4003 and an innovative antenna design from INSIDE Contactless.

“The challenge in developing this revolutionary product was to find the right balance between having enough metal content in the foil layer to provide the desired appearance but not so much that it interferes with the radio signals,” said Matt Smoczynski, vice president of marketing for Perfect Plastic Printing. “We worked closely with INSIDE Contactless to create this breakthrough, designing a solution and developing the technologies required to produce a contactless foil card that meets the required industry certifications while maintaining the card’s striking visual effect.”

“Today’s announcement represents a milestone in the maturity of the contactless payment card market by providing entrée for this technology into an important market segment, and is the latest result of our longstanding partnership with Perfect Plastic,” said Charles Walton, executive vice president of payments for INSIDE Contactless. “With low power consumption and fast transaction speed, MicroPass is the ideal platform for challenging applications such as full-foil contactless payment cards.”

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