PSCU enables cardholders to lock their plastic cads against fraud

 PCSU Financial Services PCSU Financial Services introduces a new card fraud prevention tool which will provide credit union cardholders with an unprecedented degree of control over the credit and debit cards. The new service known as CardLock allows cardholders from PSCU Financial member credit unions to, with a phone call, turn their credit and debit cards off or on, in effect locking or unlocking them.

Thus, if someone attempts to perform a transaction on a locked credit or debit card it will be declined and the system in turn will generate a call from PSCU alerting the cardholder to the attempted transaction. Recurring transactions set up with merchant, however, will be accepted even on locked cards.

“We lock our homes and cars to prevent or deter theft, and CardLock works the same way for credit and debit cards,” said Steve Ruwe, chief risk officer, at PSCU Financial Services. “Cardholders tell us this service gives them a sense of control and security that they have never had, and consumers who are wary of online shopping or identity theft appreciate the added confidence when using their cards.”

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