Whataburger customers will enjoy MasterCard PayPass contactless payments service

MasterCard As MasterCard announced Tuesday, Whataburger, Texas-based quick service restaurant chain, plans to accept MasterCard PayPass contactless payments at more than 500 locations across southern US.

MasterCard PayPass will enable Whataburger customers to use their card or device to simply Tap & Go to pay for menu items at the counter and at the drive-thru and to make purchases quickly and conveniently.

As Cathleen Conforti, senior vice president, Global PayPass, MasterCard Worldwide stated "Busy, quick-service restaurants like Whataburger are the ideal environment for MasterCard PayPass, because the benefit of faster transactions at the point of sale translates directly to busy customers who are often on the go". Thus, accepting MasterCard PayPass Whataburger is aking an innovative step to enhance customer service.

Whataburger restaurants are being rolled out with Vivotech 4500M and DTc readers, integrated devices designed to accept PayPass contactless payments, as well as traditional, magnetic stripe payment cards at the counter and at the drive-thru. To use such a service, Whataburger consumers are simply to tap their PayPass-enabled MasterCard card or device on the reader to make a purchase. The also avoid the necessity to to sign receipts for purchases under $25, that speeds up the transaction.

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