Click4Advisor presents All-Blind Phone Conference Service

image Click4Advisor, provider of voice commerce solution for the phone advice industry, today launched an All-Blind Phone Conference Service. Since 2004, Click4Advisor has been a world leader, providing individual Advisors and Group Managers the solution to offer double-blind advice-based telephone commerce. Click4Advisor’s new Telephone Conference Service provides complete privacy and anonymity to Host ("Advisor") and Participants ("Users"). The new Phone Conference Service connects Advisor and Users via a toll-free IVR system while providing anonymity. This ‘All-Blind’ method offers security and privacy in all facets of the system such as registration, phone, chat, and email. During a conference session, the Advisor speaks while the Users are in a listening only mode. To gather Users questions during the conference, the system provides a ‘live-chat’ feature while maintaining complete privacy. To increase revenue, the system allows paid one-on-one Phone Advice before and after the conference. It is a great service for the Instructors who are interested in privacy and anonymity of everyone during a distant learning phone conference. The Phone Conference Service provides a number of innovative features including, the advisors ability to make conference sessions public or private and a notice to the advisor when a User registers or cancels. The Advisor can send mass email to registered conference users with a single click. Additionally, the system can release a hyperlink to registered Users to download or read conference session prerequisite information. Click4Advisor also provides XML feed and Conference links for effortless integration onto advisors or groups existing websites. Click4Advisor totally automates and streamlines telephone conferencing system by providing intelligent conferencing PBX, Users registration and payment collection, Advisor and conference management, and integrated accounting and payroll processes. Above all, it includes unparalleled experience of Click4Advisor in voice commerce solution.


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