If you can’t afford iPhone 3GS you can still have a cheaper 3G device from INQ

image Mobile maker INQ announced the introduction of two new “social mobile” handsets developed to meet the mass demand in 3G devices as Android smartphones and iPhone 3GS are expensive and unaffordable for a great number of users, reports The Register. The company has introduced the Chat 3G and Mini 3G which support a 3G connection each.

The flagship out of these is Chat. This handset was designed like a BlackBerry and targets relative audience. Meantime, Mini as noted by The Register is an entry-level phone for the apparently “sensitive” pre-pay market.

When it comes to software the two devices are almost identical. Each of them has a suite of integrated social networking applications, including Facebook and Twitter. As INQ said the Twitter application can be set up to “always on” mode and thus tweets will be delivered using an internet connection, rather than as individual text messages.

Handsets are also equipped with an IM tool and support for Skype. Besides, the phones also feature new “seamless media synching” service developed by INQ to enable users to sync either device to Apple’s iTunes.

The main differences of the two devices are the form and a number of details like thumbpad and GPS chip. For example, the 114.5 x 61 x 12.8mm Chat has a Qwerty thumbpad, while the Mini – which measures 102 x 45.8 x 12.8mm – has a much simpler keypad layout. Chat 3G has a 2.4in display, a 3.2Mp camera and an on-board GPS chip. INQ’s Mini 3G has a slightly smaller 2.2in screen and a less powerful 2Mp camera. The phone lacks a GPS chip.

Both devices have slots for memory cards of up to 8GB and support MP3 audio and MPEG-4 video.

INQ’s Chat 3G and Mini 3G will be available during Q4.


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