Mobile marketing: opportunities for marketers in SMS

image According to Deloitte, SMS texting features are more used by millennials (14-25 years old generation) – 86% of respondents are likely to use SMS.

According to GfK NOP and Limbo (now Brightkite), 83% of 18-to-24-year-olds and 85% of 25-to-34-year-olds are using SMS features of their mobile phone. The figures are significantly higher than texting data for all ages, which showed an average of 61% of mobile phone users.

Results of Scarborough Research and Yankee Group contradict to above-mentioned figures. Scarborough Research indicates that only 48% of mobile phone users used SMS in 2008. According to Yankee Group, 45% of mobile phone users were weekly mobile phone texters.

As eROI poll has found, text messages were the preferred method of communication of high school and college students. So teenagers and young adults text more than the rest of the population.

How marketers are going to reflect on that fact?

As PROMO magazine poll on interactive tactics used by marketers, which was conducted by Penton Research, indicates that only 26% of them are investing in SMS and digital coupons in 2009, while investments in e-mail marketing, blogs, display are done by the majority of them. Ignoring mobile marketing may be strategic error.

Limbo and GfK research reveals that almost 50% of young mobile users (aged 18 to 34) also remembered mobile ads, recalling to them after viewing.


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