Only 1 in 7 Indians use mobile phones to make payments online

image The research conducted by consultancy firm A C Nielsen, in which 1,012 people from seven cities participated, revealed that the Indians use m-commerce to pay their mobile bills. Purchasing movie tickets is the next activity executed with mobile phones which accounts for 15%.

Paying monthly and electricity bills are the other transactions carried out with mobile phones while online shopping on mobile phones accounts for 4%. Booking flights, paying restaurant bills and insurance premium payments via mobile phones cannot be said to be developed in India where such activities constitute only 2% of all activities carried out on mobile phones.

The value of mobile transactions, which equals to Rs 2,614 per use, is assessed in the moderate level by the consultancy firm. "This (average value of transaction) is understandable given that most users are utilising the service to pay for regular utility bills," says Neilson report.

Slow network speed of mobile service providers and concerns on security of personal data have been mentioned in the report as grounds for lapsers, people that have moved away from m-commerce, not to use the services of PayMate, Oxycash, Mcheck and other companies, three leading companies in m-commerce.

The elimination of the problems existent in m-commerce may result in increased use of m-commerce in future while growing number of internet users is regarded as another factor facilitating the use of m-commerce.


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