AlertPay announces a website review for sellers to accept credit card payments

image An online payment system AlertPay advised on its official blog that if a business wants to sell something on the Internet whether through a website or through email invoicing he/she must complete a website/business review to accept credit card payments.

The post runs: “Worry not – this is an extremely simple and fast process. And while your website or business is being reviewed, you can still accept instant AlertPay balance payments until a decision has been rendered.”

Those users who have no website will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire and send it to the company. Those who should undergo the review will be notified when they sign up for AlertPay Personal Pro or Business account for the first time at logging in to the account or at adding a payment button/link to their website-mail. The measure is not applied to those who have Personal Starter accounts.

Once the review of the website is performed some members will be allowed to accept AlertPay balance payments only; AlertPay balance payments with credit cards (Visa, AmEx and/or MasterCard)and no hold on received transactions; or AlertPay balance payments with credit cards (Visa, AmEx and/or MasterCard) with a temporary hold on received transactions.


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