INSIDE Contactless and CONNECTHINGS partner for Wave-Me NFC solution

INSIDE Contactless INSIDE Contactless, a provider of advanced open-standard contactless chip technologies, and CONNECTHINGS, a provider of systems that deliver contextualized services and content based on location and time, have established a partnership to expand functionality of Near Field Communication (NFC).

The companies decided to conjointly develop, promote and commercialize the Wave-Me™ NFC services platform, an end-to-end solution carriers and third-party service providers can use to give subscribers easy access to a broad range of consumer services and applications through their mobile phones.

Wave-Me-enabled handsets will allow people to access relevant, profile-based services with a simple gesture. When “waved” near a corresponding Wave-Me NFC tag, the Wave-Me technology automatically simulates a complex series of keystrokes, eliminating awkward, time-consuming, multi-keystroke chores. Wave-Me tags could also contain relevant phone numbers or complex URLs to send SMS messages or send and retrieve information from web sites.

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