Moneta’s “Pay Now” option will be offered to buyers at Stacks and Stacks

Moneta Stacks and Stacks, an Internet retailer of housewares, storage and organizational solutions, has partnered with Moneta to offer its “Pay Now” option, allowing customers to pay online from checking, savings or money market accounts in a secure, single-step process.

“Moneta gives our customers a secure way to pay with a virtual electronic check,” said Mel Ronick, founder & CEO of Stacks and Stacks. “Their secure payment method overcomes security and privacy concerns consumers may have of online shopping. Also, Moneta’s bank marketing provides us access to an attractive group of consumers and lowers our cost of payment acceptance. We look forward to offering the Moneta option to our existing customers and welcoming new customers through Moneta’s national bank marketing programs.”

“We are excited that Stacks and Stacks has joined our growing base of accepting merchants,” said Guido Sacchi, CEO of Moneta. “By choosing to offer Moneta payments, Stacks and Stacks will be able to lower their payment costs while also attracting new customers through our national bank marketing programs. Our marketing programs not only provide online merchants access to a highly-prized demographic, but also deliver very effective, low-cost customer acquisition campaigns.”

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