MoneyGram announces no fee money transfer for Australia and New Zealand

image MoneyGram International, a leading global money transfer company, announced today that it would temporarily waive its money transfer service fee from Australia and New Zealand to Samoa and Tonga, as part of a coordinated effort with its money transfer agents in response to the tsunami and earthquake that hit Samoa and Tonga on Tuesday.

“MoneyGram is eager to help these communities continue their recovery and respond to the urgent needs in Samoa and Tonga following the devastating earthquake and tsunami,” said Janice Ong, regional manager of Australia and Oceania. “In addition, MoneyGram understands how vital it is for families and friends to support one another especially in times of great need. To provide the greatest immediate benefit to affected families, MoneyGram is temporarily eliminating fees for transactions sent to Samoa and Tonga from our Australia and New Zealand agents.”

The no fee money transfer is available until Oct. 31 at all Australia and New Zealand MoneyGram agent locations.

“We hope this effort by MoneyGram and our agents will assist our customers in maximizing the funds sent to loved ones,” Ong said. “Westpac Bank of Samoa and Westpac Bank of Tonga have remained open since the tsunami and earthquake to ensure funds are available for the people who need help the most.”

Funds can be collected at any MoneyGram location in Samoa or Tonga including all Westpac Bank locations, Money Exchange Limited in Samoa and Alfred Cowley Company in Tonga.

Source: BusinessWire



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