mPay Gateway will be offered to Fifth Third’s physician customers

image According to sources, Fifth Third Processing Solutions has entered into an agreement to provide a patient payment system from mPay Gateway to its physician practice customers. The company said that "mPay Gateway’s software solution enables health care providers to calculate the patient’s share of a bill for service and obtain payment authorization before a patient leaves the office, eliminating billing hassles and reducing bad debt by up to 50 %. The patient is actually charged only after the health care provider settles with the insurance company."

Physician practice groups face with an increasing reality of delinquent and uncollectible patient accounts. With the changing costs of health care, patients are bearing responsibility for more of their health care costs, meaning physicians must collect more from their patients.

Leveraging a simple retail payment model, mPay Gateway’s point of care patient payment software addresses these challenges. The mPay Gateway solution: 1) calculates the patient’s payment, 2) authorizes the payment at the time of service, and 3) collects the patient’s payment after the insurer has settled the claim. The system provides patients with a simpler, easier-to-understand billing process. Physicians dramatically reduce their receivables, bad debt and patient statement costs.

"We’re thrilled to partner with Fifth Third Processing Solutions and offer our technology to bring transparency to the patient payment and collection process," said John Wallace, senior president for mPay Gateway."

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