PayItGreen launches new membership program for businesses

 image PayItGreen, a group committed to educating consumers and businesses about the positive environmental impact of choosing electronic payments, bills, and statements over paper, is introducing a new membership program. For the first time since its introduction in 2007, PayItGreen is offering membership to businesses and financial institutions of all sizes. More information about membership is available under the "business" tab at

"We have already received tremendous support from the industry and look forward to partnering with businesses and financial institutions, large and small, to further our outreach efforts aimed at removing paper from the payments system," said Jan Estep, president and CEO at NACHA. NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association manages PayItGreen.

Member companies benefit from exclusive marketing tools and educational resources including case studies from other members who have proven success in consumer outreach in this area.

"Fiserv has been active in PayItGreen since its inception because we saw the value of multiple entities working together toward the reduction of paper-based systems, and the positive impact this could have for the environment. One of the many benefits of being a PayItGreen member is learning from and sharing best practices with other members. This allows your company to discover new ways to help the environment while optimizing the business benefits of electronic transactions, and educating consumers, businesses and associates to positively change behaviors. PayItGreen’s member companies, including Fiserv, are leaders in this area," said Stuart Williams, director of payment services for Fiserv and a founding member of PayItGreen.

Even before the announcement, PayItGreen signed more than 15 members who are eager to help fulfill the mission of the group.

As part of the new membership program, PayItGreen has introduced a new, more interactive web site for businesses and consumers. The new web site has a wealth of information available to consumers and businesses including statistics, calculators, and environmental news. For members, the web site provides access to additional outreach tools and information including use of the PayItGreen logo, case studies, calculators, and a new consumer video.

"J.P. Morgan is excited to be a part of this important industry initiative. Together, we can put a dent in the paper, gas, and other natural resources that are used in this country for paper bills, payments and statements. By eliminating these unnecessary resources, we can create real economic savings for consumers and participating organizations," said Pat Thelen, ACH and global check deposit executive, J.P. Morgan, and a founding member of PayItGreen.

PayItGreen has registered its logo, and makes the logo available only to its members for their exclusive use. Companies that are not PayItGreen members must stop using the logo by the end of 2009.

"PayItGreen asks all businesses and financial institutions that may be using our old logo to become official members of PayItGreen, so they can take advantage of full membership and the new, registered logo. The web site includes information on how to become a member of PayItGreen," said Estep. "Our point-of-entry price for small businesses is very reasonable."

PayItGreen has actively engaged the industry and consumers in this mission for the past two years. Earlier this year, PayItGreen recalculated its statistics to account for the positive effects check imaging has had on the environment.

"We are encouraged to see the use of paper checks going down. The industry is working hard to get paper out of the system," said Mary Burchette, senior vice president, global treasury management, U.S. Bank, and a founding member of PayItGreen. "We call on all businesses and consumers to help us have a positive impact on the environment by actively offering and requesting electronic payments, bills and statements over paper payments."

The new web site retains the free information available to consumers from the original site including statistics and calculators that highlight the benefits of consumers using electronic payments, statements and bills. In addition, the site has added green tips for consumers, and environmental news that is updated daily.

PayItGreen’s Founding Members are Wells Fargo, Fiserv, J.P. Morgan, U.S. Bank, and The Clearing House/EPN. Other members include Zions Bank, SWACHA, North American Banking Company, Leominster Credit Union, and Con Edison Company of New York. Regional payments association members include Alabama ACH Association, EastPay, EPCOR, New England ACH Association, The Payments Authority, Upper Midwest ACH Association, and Western Payments Alliance.

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