Perfect Money ecurrency discovers more functional payment solutions. What’s new?

image Every payment system pursues to offer their users functionality that will prompt them to choose that particular company for their business. This is the point of the current competition between payment systems as on the side of technology there is nothing new that can be invented. It is service quality and functionality that can be improved to attract and retain users.

Among numerous payment service providers at the market Perfect Money stands out as a most advanced and actively developing company. The system regularly introduces new features and updates its services aimed at making the payment experience with Perfect Money easier and more convenient for users, furthermore it seeks to please its customers in some aspects.

Over past months Perfect Money has launched a number of services for its users which cannot be left unnoticed by our journal.

Plastic card deposit for Chinese users

Quite recently Perfect Money introduced an option for Chinese users to top up their accounts via plastic cards issued by one of Chinese banks. Customers in China can deposit their USD accounts using Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Direct Bank Payments. The feature is available for the users from their accounts. They just need to log in, select Chinese language and press Deposit button to see China Union Pay option in the list of top up methods.


With the new feature Perfect Money opens its door wider to Chinese audience as there is a great number of customers in China who give their preference to local payment cards versus international ones. The move shows the company’s true commitment to be open to as many users across the world as possible. It benefits Perfect Money itself as it helps attract more users and it benefits accountholders who can avail themselves of the Deposit option that is more suitable to them.

Perfect Money prepaid cards

prepaid_pm.JPGNow Perfect Money users can make deposits to their accounts using Perfect Money prepaid cards. This is very convenient option as it allows customers just to purchase a prepaid card offline and then enter the amount specified on the face of the card into the system.

Perfect Money prepaid card eliminates the necessity to go to banks in order to send a bank transfer which saves them time and extra money. Using the card Perfect Money account holders can make and an instant top-up. Besides, the card can be used for making purchases online without any need to open an account in the payment system. It is up to a customer how to use it. That is a great brand-new product that as we think significantly simplifies the work with Perfect Money.

Apart from benefits to the individual users the new prepaid product also can be of interest to businesses. Now different kind of exchange services and any business can sell Perfect Money prepaid cards and thus diversify their offering and earn money.

Bank wires from Iran

It is one of the boldest steps taken by Perfect Money. We think that letting Iranian users to enter funds into the system using their local banks was both unusual and breakthrough move on the part of the payment system as Iran is known as a country isolated from the rest of the world and such kind of operations are complicated there.


Perfect Money users just need to select Iran in the list of countries supported by Perfect Money. Then they will be provided appropriate banking details for Iran operations.

Turkish interface

A week ago Perfect Money announced the addition of a new language to its list. Now the system interface supports Turkish. It is the 17th language in a row available on the site.


While the priority for the company is functionality as we mentioned above it also constantly seeks to make user experience pleasant as well showing great consideration to their national and cultural background. Thus, Perfect Money not only translated its interface into Turkish but it also created special design of the Turkish page with the image of national architecture and symbols.


As it was already mentioned in our news release the addition of Turkish language will benefit not only personal users but it is a great advantage for businesses who may not even know the language itself. Businesses can transact with their Turkish customers without any need in such knowledge as the system remains the same in any given language.

MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards

Now in addition to the previously introduced Visa virtual prepaid card the system introduce MasterCard option. Customers can turn their Perfect Money currency into MasterCard and then make purchases in thousands of online shops and services accepting MasterCard Cards.


The introduction of MasterCard prepaid cards is just another evidence of the company’s expansion and quest for innovations. While Visa is a largest payment cards player at the market still there are businesses and merchants that accept MasterCard only. Hence with MasterCard now available on Perfect Money site users have a wider range of options to make payments worldwide for their purchases online.


You see that just in one entry we have described five different features introduced by Perfect Money over recent time. It is a good proof of stable development and flexibility of the company as not every payment system in the industry can boast the same frequency of updates that is seen here. Such a tireless progress cannot escape people’s attention and being witnesses of the company’s improvement and further perfection customers around the world become more and more loyal to Perfect Money.


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