ProPay improves its ProtectPay E2E data security solution

image ProPay today confirmed that its ProtectPay E2E data security solution, commercially available since early 2009, meets or exceeds all of the best practices for end-to-end encryption recommended in Visa’s Data Field Encryption Best Practices, released on Monday, October 5th. ( ProPay uses advanced encryption as follows:

• Stored Data: ProtectPay securely stores the encrypted data for merchants and provides them with unique transaction IDs or “tokens” so no card holder data is exchanged in the clear for future transactions, such as repeat/recurring billing or refunds, against the stored data.
• Face-to-Face: ProtectPay eliminates the need for merchants to process or transmit card data in the clear by providing a swipe device (MicroSecure Card Reader™) that utilizes robust encryption and key management technology
• Card-Not-Present: ProtectPay removes the need for merchants to touch card data by utilizing a secure online Virtual Terminal, IVR phone system, email invoice, and interfaces for eCommerce sites and Call Centers.

By removing the data from the Merchants’ systems, ProtectPay reduces and may even eliminate the risks merchants face around sensitive payment data compromises.

ProPay began using its ProtectPay E2E services in its own production environment in mid 2008 and deployed the services commercially in February of 2009. ProPay has several thousand merchants ranging from multi-billion-dollar companies to small businesses using aspects of ProtectPay to remove card data from their systems and process card data securely.

VISA Best Practices

VISA describes its new document as an effort to “further the payment industry’s efforts to develop a common, open standard while providing guidance to encryption vendors and early adopters.” VISA goes on to note that data field encryption protects card information from the swipe to the acquirer processor with no need for the merchant to process or transmit card data in the "clear."

“We wholeheartedly support VISA’s recommendations and we are extremely pleased that our ProtectPay solution meets or exceeds them,” said Gary Goodrich, ProPay CEO. “For ProPay, E2E security is more than a marketing claim, and our position is further validated by VISA’s recommendations. While some service providers are claiming E2E data protection or simply talking about their future ideas, ProPay is successfully delivering full commercial solutions today.”

“ProPay’s commitment to security is allowing them to fulfill a leadership position that is helping to drive the payments industry forward,” said noted PCI Expert and founder of the Society of Payment Security Professionals, Chris Mark. “Their ability to meet or exceed VISA’s recommended Best Practices before the report was issued truly underscores their commitment to full security and is fundamental to ProPay and its product and service offerings. ProPay’s offerings richly compliment PCI compliance and provide security for merchants and other companies involved in the payments industry."



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