SmartCard achieves a milestone of 11,000 transactions in a week

image On Friday SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. CEO Massimo Barone made a statement that the company continues its growth in the Merchant Alternative Payment sector benefiting from increased transactions stemming from b2b payments with over 11,000 transactions processed in the past week. He noted that the company’s goal is to continue their triple digit growth into 2010 and 2011.

Barone said: “As companies search for secure and transparent payment services offered through such as Bill Pay, Pin Debit, Email Pay and Prepaid Card services to accept and remit funds its an obvious choice to accommodate the need for more international exchange. We are currently implementing additional language preferences to guide customers through our offering including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Bengali which we feel will broaden our transparency.

“Furthermore as we make the cross-over to the new offering in the next few weeks we have identified and implemented new visual aids that make the experience easier to navigate and lead the industry in best of class remittance solutions.”


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