VeriSign announces 3 month free identity protection for organizations

VeriSign VeriSign, Inc. launches a free trial of its VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service for three months to organizations looking to protect their business-to-business portals and customer-facing Web sites. According to the official statement the trial is fully operational to demonstrate VIP’s ease-of-deployment and use.

The principle of the 4tTwo-factor authentication is that it requires each user to provide not just a username and password, but also a unique one-time password (OTP) generated by a user’s VIP security credential. Because logging on with two-factor authentication requires something the user knows (his username and password) and something he has (his VIP credential), VIP has been proven effective against unauthorized access to online accounts and VPNs.

VeriSign delivers authentication as a cloud-based service, and therefore VIP trial recipients need only download a small number of APIs and spend a minimal amount of developer time integrating VIP with their password-protected Web sites or portals. VIP requires no additional hardware, leveraging an organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

The VIP Free Trial includes VIP Access for Mobile, a free, easy-to-install mobile application. VIP Access for Mobile transforms more than 200 different mobile devices into VIP authentication credentials.

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