50+ Best Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions For You To Start Your E-Commerce Business


Different to self-hosted shopping cart solutions, a hosted shopping cart solution ensures quick implementation and turn around, inclusive security, 24/7 monitoring, no investment in infrastructure, full and continued support, regular automatic and free software upgrades, a maintenance free environment, easy data management accessible from anywhere in the world and a generally more robust system.

Hosted shopping cart solutions are responsible for the entire infrastructure, as well as maintaining the safe and smooth operation of merchant’s data and order processing. It’s fully prepared to deal with any emergency situations that may occur with its merchants’ businesses online.

A hosted shopping cart solution is perfect for most entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses that don’t have or want to invest in their own IT departments. Choosing to run your business online using a hosted shopping cart solution would prove to be the cheaper, easier and least risky solution for most business owners.

WebStore by Amazon Hosted Shopping Cart

The leading online retailer in the world has come up with a hosted shopping cart solution that allows anyone to use the power of Amazon’s shopping technology on their own branded site.  You also have the option of not only selling the items on your own custom WebStore, but you can also sell the items on the main Amazon site like any number of third-party sellers already do.


Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Hosted Shopping Cart

The Yahoo! shopping site has been around for years and features an extremely robust shopping cart that allows for cross selling, discounted sales, creating gift certificates, wish lists and a lot more.  The site features several templates you can choose from or you can have your store custom designed. But be warned that Yahoo! uses an unusual language that usually takes specialized designers to work on it, so it can get expensive to customize your store.


NetworkSolutions.com  – Hosted Shopping Cart

The well-known domain registration company also offers online storefront hosting and setup. NetworkSolutions Hosted Shopping Cart help you creating and nurturing a business poses many challenges, but building an ecommerce website for yourself or your clients can be a rewarding experience. Our ecommerce packages let you focus on selling, not on technology.


Adobe Business Catalyst Hosted Shopping Cart

Adobe’s Business Catalyst, formerly known as GoodBarry, is built with an eye towards allowing developers to fully customize an online store for clients with little to no need for coding.  The service is completely white label so that you can insert your company logo, or that of your client so that they only see the information you choose.  Features analytics, Dreamweaver extensions, easy management and more.


Flying Cart Hosted Shopping Cart

Flying Cart allows you to build ecommerce sites that vary in size from 50 products up to 1,000, depending on your needs.  There is only a monthly fee and no transaction fees, so depending on what you’re selling this could work out better for you than some of the other solutions.  You can use your own domain name, accept all major credit cards, process through SSL and more.


GoEmerchant Hosted Shopping Cart

GoEmerchant provides you with solutions to build a full ecommerce store, you can simply add purchase buttons to your existing site if you want.  The company also has a merchant gateway that can be used on an iPhone so that you can take credit card payments virtually anywhere at any time.


ProStores Hosted Shopping Cart

Powered by eBay, ProStores is a full ecommerce solution that lets you set up an online store using their provided templates, or you can hire a designer to give your store a unique design.  While it isn’t required, you do have the option to also list your items on eBay if you would like to.



Shopify is a template-based online store solution that provides you with an easy set up for any type of store, and then gives you numerous templates to choose from.  Thankfully, you can also customize the site as you see fit because most of the templates look like very basic WordPress templates, but once customized the sites look great.


StoreFront Hosted Shopping Cart

StoreFront specializes in customized solutions for businesses that are tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes.  Their systems integrate with many third-party software packages, multiple merchant gateways, offer up customized store designs and a whole lot more.


uShops Hosted Shopping Cart

You can sell just about anything you want on uShops for free for the first six months, and then a nominal fee will be charged there after.  This gives you the chance to get your site up to speed and see if your idea will even work before you start paying for it.


UltraCart Hosted Shopping Cart

UltraCart is the premier hosted shopping cart and e-commerce platform. In continuous development for over 13 years, the UltraCart platform provides you with state of the art tools to manage every aspect of your e-commerce business. Much more than simple order taking, UltraCart integrates with your entire e-commerce business, including shopping cart, payment processing, marketing & affiliate management, shipping systems, product fulfillment, and accounting systems. UltraCart is the most powerful and flexible online commerce system available today.


GoEcart Hosted Shopping Cart

Your choice of shopping cart determines the design & layout, performance of back end operations, store security, web-marketing capabilities, personalized customer services offered and almost every other aspect of your online storefront.



QuickCart Hosted Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Store Builder – QuickCart.com™ is a fully hosted shopping cart and e-commerce store builder that will instantly add shopping carts to any web site.


eCrater.com Hosted Shopping Cart

A free online store builder that also allows you to enter your products into their marketplace for free, while also entering them into the Google Product Search.



And Much More Hosted Shopping Cart Providers

  1. AAcart.com – Offers three levels of pricing plans that come with hosting included.  Also offers customized solutions and design.
  2. Etsy.com – An online store builder and marketplace that restricts itself to products that you make.  This include all sorts of arts & crafts, buttons, clothes and so on.
  3. Merchandizer.com – Merchandizer offers hosted packages from extremely basic all the way up to your own fully dedicated hosting.  Also offers design and logo services if you need them.
  4. AmeriCommerce – Hosted shopping cart, allowing multiple storefronts, built in analytics and online marketing tools.
  5. Ashop Commerce – Hosted shopping cart software for small business; managed via a web browser interface. 10 Day free trial version available.
  6. B2B Paradise – Customizable and secure carts accepting HTML and flash designs. Integrated with UPS and USPS real time shipping. Lists all template options and a live demo.
  7. Beanbasket – Offers hosted shopping cart services. Includes list of features, pricing and FAQ.
  8. Biz Shopping Cart – Offers web-based shopping cart solutions for building online stores. Includes information about products and customer resources.
  9. BizStudio Site Manager – Cart, SSL server, store manager, and order manager. Same day setup.
  10. BizyCart Ecommerce Server – Service allowing creation and management of online storefront.
  11. Bush Services Group, Inc. – Cart and credit card processing services to copy and paste into existing web pages. Hosted options also available.
  12. CanadaCart.ca – Canadian built software primarily for Canadian and American businesses. Basic plan builds into existing sites and larger plans include eStore solutions with SSL certificate. Includes live demo and sixty day free trial offer.
  13. Cartedge – Shopping cart software with integrated CMS and custom theme selection.
  14. Create Your Shop – Creates online storefront with including web-based management tools, online store builder and hosting. Free trial.
  15. Creative Cart – Offer secure shopping cart service linked to an existing site. Includes details of features, pricing and customer testimonials.
  16. Custom Cart – Application to create a storefront with same day setup.
  17. D&D Designs – Includes hosting, merchant account and a secure site. Build online store yourself or this service can build it.
  18. Design Cart – Low cost monthly service to facilitate SSL secure storefront.
  19. Dropship Websites – Online store service provider. Helpdesk support. Includes tools that allow you to maintain products, coupons and links.
  20. Easy Store Hosting – Hosted web store with shopping cart and eBay listing / product import
  21. Easy Web Automation – Hosted shopping cart software. Compatible with merchant accounts, includes tracking features, autoresponders and marketing tools. Free 30 day trial.
  22. EasyCatalog – Pay-as-you-go online catalog and shopping cart software that integrates with PayPal, Nochex and WorldPay. Includes demo.
  23. EasyWebstore – Hosted shopping cart and store CMS with 10,000 templates.
  24. Ebanyan – Optional hosted service. Three pricing packages based on web space and bandwidth. B2B module included in all packages. Tools for resellers and dealers explained on site.
  25. 123 eCart Online Shopping Cart – Hosted shopping cart with free 30 day trial and free 15 page e-book / guide.
  26. Ecartsoft – Turnkey, platform-independent system that can be installed with same day setup for existing site. Reseller opportunities available.
  27. EKM Powershop – A secure shopping cart which links into an existing website.
  28. EZStores.Net – Low cost monthly payments. Storefront can be integrated with existing website or as standalone. Same day setup.
  29. FastCart UK – Free shopping cart software for WorldPay users. Includes login area and technical support.
  30. FoxyCart.com – Add on shopping cart for developers to add to existing websites. Includes real-time shipping calculation functionality.
  31. GoEmerchant.com – Provide tools to create an online store. Secure credit card processing, merchant account and webhosting.
  32. Inventory Stores – An Open Source shopping cart platform designed specifically for large product catalogs and wholesale dropship resellers. Website includes free templates, setup wizards, product automation, and managed hosting services.
  33. Merchant CGI – Low cost system for online merchants. Option exists for software purchase only. Contains software demo.
  34. NetStores – Offers software, server, processing solution designed for simple integration into an existing web site.
  35. nsCommerceSpace – Provides various turnkey options for new and existing websites. Sample client sites demonstrates features.
  36. PhotographerShots.com – Specialist system for photographers to sell photos online. Online store with CMS and cart.
  37. Remote Cart – Fully secure service with affiliate program, free domain name and redirection. Seven day free trial.
  38. SecureNetShop – Low cost service to implement an online storefront. Online Data provides fast response merchant accounts.
  39. Shop Store Now – Shopping cart with hosting with full accounting, total inventory management, Accounts, CRM and Sales Analysis
  40. 1ShoppingCart.com – Features completely hosted shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions. Offers merchant accounts, automatic responders, ad tracking and marketing tools.
  41. Startershop – Startershops are hosted web shops, include a shopping cart and checkout, can process credit and debit cards and are search engine friendly.
  42. Total Merchandiser – Application allows for browser based Web site creation including eCommerce shopping cart functionality.
  43. Veracart – Shopping cart and online ecommerce solutions for small business websites.
  44. VirtualCart – Includes an overview of the services available, pricing plans, and a downloadable demo.
  45. Web Shop Manager – Ecommerce system / content management system targeted and specialized for automotive, clothing and antique retailers.
  46. WebPeddleGold – Storefront application with an on-line management console. Compatible with all ImagineNation back office utilities for order management and credit card processing.
  47. WebStore Inc. – Offers customizable, order entry and secure payment system for online storefronts.
  48. Web-Store-Buddy – Cart application that integrates into an existing site. Includes product description, pricing and account login.
  49. World Wide Merchant – Shopping cart software and service for online stores or catalogs. Hosting available.

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