Customers of Wells Fargo can initiate money transfers online 24/7

image Wells Fargo & Company has expanded its ExpressSend remittance service to the online channel. Wells Fargo customers are now able to send an ExpressSend remittance transaction through – making it possible for customers to initiate remittance transactions 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Wells Fargo offers international remittance products to the top seven countries from the U.S. – Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, 77 percent of online Asians and Hispanics actively bank online.

“Many of our remittance customers are online banking customers, and prefer the flexibility and convenience of conducting their financial transactions at,” said Daniel Ayala, head of Wells Fargo Global Remittance Services. “This new service helps fill that strong customer desire for anytime, anywhere banking.”

ExpressSend Online Features:

• Among top banking institutions with proprietary remittances services, Wells Fargo offers one of the largest country distribution for account deposit and cash pick up of remittances in overseas locations.
• Wells Fargo ExpresssSend includes e-mail notification and a detailed “Alert” in their online session.
• Customers will be able to see all of their valid, open ExpressSend Service agreements and up to 18 months of remittance transaction history.

ExpressSend Service

Wells Fargo remittance products are economical, convenient and dependable. Customers can send money directly to their beneficiary for one low transfer fee. Customers may also qualify for fee discounts based on their account relationship with Wells Fargo.

“Wells Fargo’s remittance products are offered as value-added products to help us build relationships with our customers,” said Ayala. “Wells Fargo is focused more on building relationships, and less on transaction fees ? like some of the more traditional wire transfer services.”

Wells Fargo ExpressSend customers can send funds to their beneficiaries in most countries through their choice of four options – account to account, account to cash, cash to cash, or cash to account.

Wells Fargo provides multiple channels for transferring money, including by phone (800-556-0605 or 1-800-TO-WELLS), in store and online. “Customers can rest assured that their experience will be consistent among all channels – including In-Store, Phone Bank and Online,” added Ayala.

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