Google’s version of a ‘decision engine’, a response to Microsoft Bing

image As Microsoft is now experiencing ever growing success of its new “decision engine” Bing its main rival in the market Google wants to save its positions and make return step. Now people will be able to find factual answers and event information directly in its search engine results, as it continues evolving and enhancing its core product, the company said.

"These [new features] focus on the efforts we’ve put in on understanding the web better, understanding the content on it, not just [matching] keywords," said Noah Weiss, a Google product manager , in an interview.

As is the case with many search categories on Bing for search queries that can be answered with a simple, short fact, such as a country’s population, a book’s author or the height of a landmark building Google will be retuning a result which includes a text snippet from the page that contains the factual answer highlighted in bold type, instead of a more general text snippet.

"We’re trying to change the results for these fact finding queries to better reflect the answers that may be on the page," Weiss said.

At the first stage of the implementation this new feature will be available only in English. It is based on research done for the Google Squared search service, a "labs" product introduced last year that answers queries about categories, like the members of a baseball team, by putting facts on a table.

Moreover, Google plans to start allowing webmasters to tag event data, such as a concert’s artist, date and location, in a certain format, so that it can then be displayed on a list right under search results.

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