Teens in Australia taught to control finances by designing Dunlop Volleys

image The Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced the launch of an interactive contest that targets teens so as to encourage them to understand the value of money. Participation in the competition is granted to bank customers aged between 14 and 17 years who already have or just open a Youthsaver or Streamline account with the Commonwealth Bank and deposit $10 before Friday 27 September 2009.

In the game teens should design a pair of Dunlop Volleys, a brand of sandshoe popular in Australia and as the shoes are being created a virtual dollar value is tied to the graphics they can choose from. A$100 is allocated to each design and as designs are added the balance decreases which emphasizes the value of the outcome.

Playing the game gives users the chance to win their own pair of Dunlop Volleys.

"Getting kids to budget or save is not easy. With this in mind, we’ve developed an online game which reinforces to teens the value of money, while being a lot of fun," says Mark Murray, general manager, consumer marketing, Commonwealth Bank.

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