Google Adsense Payment in September 2009 Delayed – PIP From September 24

imageDelayed in payment of Google Adsense program has created high frustration from publishers around the world. From Pakistan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia to Philippine all publishers express their anxiety over the lateness.

Adsense Payment in progress is still ongoing from 24th of September 2009 until today 29th (USA Pacific Time) and 30th (Malaysia time) which is quite unusual. Hopefully the Adsense payment will be issued in 30th of September 2009 USA time. What had happened to Google that casing this delay? Are their systems have been hacked, or they are busy celebrating 11th birthday? All publshers are left with unanswered curiosity.

There are many of peoples now dont know what happening, they are curious and show alot of emotion on and

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