How to Get Approved From Google Adsense

This is a Major Problem that My Google Adsense was Rejecting time to time. How to Avoid this problem? How I can Submit my Adsense Application so that My Google Adsense Account Gets Approval?

So , Read below to Reduce you chance of Disapproving your Google Adsense Account.

Basic Requirements to get approved from Google Adsense

1. Write Self Written Content as much as Possible.
2. Do not Copy Content From Other website whether it is Copyright Protected or whatever may be. Because if you will write Self Written Resource then Your Post will Get Higher Rank in Google Search Engine Also . & By this When Google Will Verify your account then they will be Happy to see the Original Content and hence you will Get Approval.
3. You Website Should be at least 5-6 months old. If you are new then Better wait for 5-6 month because if you will get disapproved for 2-3 times then you will be blacklisted in their Sheet.
image4. Now Google has changed their Policy that You should have .com or original Domain Website. Sub-domain websites are not allowed to have Google Adsense Account. [This is not for Adsense Revenue Sharing websites. If you have approved Google Adsense Account then you can use it to Google Adsense Sharing wesbsites.]

Now the more Important Points:

5. Do not Register from the Same IP address. Means Do not Register from the Cybercafe Cafe or Public Computers because someone may be using his/her adsense account from that IP Address. If this is the case,then your Google Adsense account will not get approval.
6. If your Adsense Account was Disapproved then while Again Registering for Google Adsense Account Keep all the above 5 Points in the mind and Keep this that
Do not Register with the Same Name,Same address,Same Contact number. Please Do not Give the Same Details which you have given in your last Disapproved Account. Use Different Name,Address,Contact Number to get Approved with Google Adsense. You can use Your Parents name,Contact Number & Address of Relatives.
If You will Follow this 6 Major Rule that I am 100% Sure that Your Google Adsense Account will Get Approval from Google.

Best of Luck.

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