Tips for getting Google adsense account

image I have seen in forum section that many new members are asking same question about disapproval of their adsense account. So,I am writing this detail information. It may be helpful to those who want a new adsense account.

Some of the question that new members are very eager to know is :

  1. Question – why their accounts are not getting approval from Google adsense?
  2. Question – Why Google adsense is so strict for giving approval to new application?
  3. Question -How to Get adsense account approval?
  4. Question -What I have to do for getting adsense account approval quickly?

So, I will answer one by one.

What is Google Adsense Revenue Program?

Google Adsense revenue program is started by to the website owner to get revenue from their website by showing the advertisements of different websites to their website. By this,both the Google and the website owner will get benefited.

This is the main reason for the Success of Google through out the Internet Marketing. Google is the only Company which allow every one to show the advertisement on your own website. Since you don’t have any website so Google has started a revenue sharing program for the website owners so that its users can post information and show the ads from their own account.So, You are getting a best option to create Google Adsense
account from .

What are the Policies of Google Adsense?

I will tell you some of the most important factor in its policy. Earlier ,Getting google adsense account was very easy and you was able get it with any website and blog.But,from last one year,Google has changed its policy and that is :
1. You should have your own domain like .com .net , .org to get approval for adsense account.
2. Your website should be at least 5-6 month old.
3. Website should have good content for the end users.
You can read complete Policy here:
Now,Coming directly to the questions of new members to this website.

Question – Why their accounts are not getting approval from Google adsense?

Answer- If you are a new user to this website then after registering for adsense account ,you are not following one of its policy that your account must be 5-6 month old before registering for adsense account.So,here itself you account is getting disapproved.

Question – Why Google adsense is so strict for giving approval to new application?

Answer- It is because Google has suffer loss from the fraud activity by its publishers means earlier members were creating adsense account on any type of website (excluding porn sites),blogs ,sub domain without any content or very few content.So,After that they just start advertising their blog,site to get click and to get dollars in their account.
By this, the advertisers were not getting good users on its advertisements.They reported google for fraud activity on the ads like
- Invalid Click and impression
- Encouraging clicks and all
By this ,Google are now very strict for approving the new application. They are checking for the various things before approving the adsense account
1. How many visitors are coming daily,hourly to your website?
2. Whether it will be beneficial to show their advertisements on your website?
3. Whether the site is having Good Content or not?
and many more factors.
So,Google has introduce this new policy that your website must be atleast 5-6 months old. Because,if your website is 5-6 month old then it will be good for both Google and website owner to server the ads to the more peoples and hence
the ratio of invalid click will get reduced .

Question- How to Get adsense account approval?

Answer: TO get adsense account approval,you have to spend your 4-5 months on this website. In this time,you can post huge amount of self written contents,articles,information,etc. In this time,you will get good cash credit
from ISC only if you will work hard in these 4-5 months. Then apply for Google Adsense to get instant approval from Google Adsense .By this 4-5 months,you might have posted good amount of articles in your account and you have crossed Gold membership or even diamond membership. Then in this case,google will approve your application.

Question- What I have to do for getting adsense account approval quickly?

There is no shortcut for earning money online. If you will make shortcut,then may be in the beginning you will earn good amount but later it will get lower and lower because For getting success,there is no shortcut. You have to work hard.If you have followed all the above Guidelines then Google will surely approve your account.
Thank you.

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