Tips to avoid violating Google Adsense policies and you’ll not be banned

image Google Adsense is the hub for monetizing your website, because it is one of those online advertisement program which never run out of advertisement.Though Google adsense is very strict about the policies and as I mentioned on my previous post of why I removed Global translator plugin to save my self from getting banned from Google adsense.

These are the simple mistakes you and adsense publisher should avoid to get themselves banned :

  1. Clicking on own advertisement : Thumb rule, no matter what never click on your google adsense adverts.
  2. Using adsense on unsupported language blog : At the time of writing, Google doesn’t support all the languages to qualify for adsense program. If you have approved adsense account and you are using it to show it on the blog whose language don’t qualify adsense TOS, then make changes asap.Here is the list of adsense supported language.
  3. Maximum adsense unit on a single page : Adsense work on simple rule of 1-2-3 to define the maximum number of ad unit on a single page.
  4. Never ask or encourage your reader to click on ads : Promoting visitors to click on advertisement is against the Google TOS.
  5. Sending ads on Email : Many publisher started the trend of sending Adsense adverts within email, and sometime it goes viral. Google find it against the program policies.
  6. Advertisement label :  Many publisher started using trick like “click here”,  “Click to see hot babe”, and this also helped to encourage click. Encourage click? Oh time to look at point 4.
  7. Competitive contextual advertisement : Make sure you don’t use any other contextual advertisement program. Let Google Adsense by your only and favorite advertisement program
  8. Altering the adsense code : So you are a programmer? huh! doesn’t matter. Changing your Adsense code in any ways is not permitted by Google.
  9. Multiple adsense account from single IP : Google highly discourage this, and many people are facing issues like banning and stop payment issues because of this.
  10. Shading with Image : Placing Google adsense Image ad unit with adjacent image can be a great and smart move, but guess what? Do it and Google adsense will love to ban you. Google TOS doesn’t allow use of shading your adsense image ads with adjacent image.

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