Adobe add-on to Firefox turns out spyware

Firefox A new malware was developed to attack Firefox users so as to steal the information about their searching habits and then inject ads into the user’s Google search results pages. The malicious code poses itself as an Adobe Flash Player 0.2 update but in reality it has nothing to do with either Adobe or Mozilla.

Known as EBOD-A the malware was developed to log a user’s browsing history, in particular their Google search queries within Firefox. This information is uploaded to a hacker-controlled server. Then it injects ads into the search results in Google query page. According to Trend Micro malware appears to be spreading via forum posts.

The attack of Mozilla product shows that it can no longer be considered as a safe alternative to Microsoft IE which has been experiencing numerous exploits of its unpatched vulnerabilities. It was IE’s poor security that caused many people shift to Firefox.

“We have seen a lot of malware target Internet Explorer in the past. This is probably one of the reasons why a huge number of users are opting to use alternative browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera instead. Though this used to be considered a safe computing practice before, it seems it no longer is with the proliferation of malware targetting the most popular alternative Internet browser—Firefox,” says Trend Micro.

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